Project consists of removing existing hot water radiation and unit ventilators. Replace existing steam to hot water heat exchanger, pumps and piping. Providing roof mounted energy recovery units with condensing units will be used to provide ventilation air to each space. The existing pneumatic temperature control system will be replaced with a direct digital control system. Architectural work to include acoustical ceiling panel replacement, floor polishing, light fixture replacement, marker board replacement, wall repair, wall painting, casework replacement, and patching required for Mechanical work.

00036-00 00 00 22038 McKinley Vol No 1 Arch

00037-00 00 00 22038 McKinley Vol No 2 Mech and Elec

Architectural – Structural Combined Plans

Mechanical Drawings

Electrical Drawings

00 00 00 ADD No. 1

00 00 00 ADD No. 2

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